Arthur K currently offers employment to a dynamic team of 12 individuals, who produces their unique, panelled products. The company’s focus is being a product manufacturer as opposed to simply generating mass produced volumes.

We delight ourselves in our skilled craftsmanship, quality products and local manufacturing techniques.  Our products must be testimony of the merging and celebration of contemporary and ethnic style elements with a minimalistic design approach.

Our manufacturing process constitutes complementing a machine component of the process with a human element of craftsmanship.

As experienced manufacturers partaking in an ever growing world economy we were fortunate to receive training in design and export of manufactured products by the CBI, as a part of a Dutch Government export initiative. The intervention of the CBI to combine our experience of panelled products with the stories of our African people, paved the way to develop brand new product ranges, filled with inspiration from Africa!

We have no doubt that every culture has the potential to complement each other with their craft. Therefore, at Arthur K, we are committed to ultimately develop our range to include a variety of interior related products. We seek to incorporate locally selected crafts and designs to complement our existing product range, with the prospect of developing the range as we go. In doing this, we are being true to the legacy of Arthur K and fulfilling our calling to develop the communities we draw inspiration from.